Some of your Questions:

Q.1. How to upload books for sale?

Stumania makes it easy for all of you to sell your own books or used books online. All you need to is Login to our website and because you never know you can have best seller on your hands. Click a picture of the cover page of the book, fill up certain credentials and finally you will become a seller.

Q.2. How to buy books?

At Stumania, we offer you host of options to choose from. You will find many sellers selling both professional as well as academic books. You need sign up first if you aren’t a user. Once you sign up, login with your id and password and browse through ample of categorieslike health, academic, marketing etc. Click on the book you want to buy and contact the seller.

Q.3. How to contact seller?

With every book being sold on our website, there is special area where seller and his/her credentials are being displayed. Just click there and connect them via their email or contact number, whatsoever is provided.

Q.4. How to upload e-documents?

Now uploading e-documents has become the easiest at Stumania. Signing up with your details would be the first step. You will be needed to fill up details like name, language, category, title, topic etc. Once you are done with it, you can upload the e-document along with a cover.

Q.5. How to download e-documents?

Go the E-documents option and click on download. You will see host of options to choose from. Click on the e-document you want to download and login in to download it. You can also see the description of the e-document posted by the up loader.

Q.6. Which formats can be uploaded/downloaded in e-documents?

Our website supports various doc formats like DOC, PPT, XLS, PDF and TXT.

Q.7. How to order assignments?

In order to order the desired assignments from us, you can login onto our website with your credentials and click “assignments” at the top of the homepage. Then you need to fill the details regarding your assignment and submit request. We will respond back within 24 hours. If you feel any kind of trouble, you can contact us at our given email id or contact number.

Q.8. How much technical knowledge is required to use Stumania?

Starting from the sign up process to the uploading of books, documents and downloading of assignments, books etc. is made hassle free by us that even the person with no or little technical knowledge can easily use our website. We had strived hard to make our website as user-friendly as possible.

Q.9. Whom should I contact if I have other questions not covered in this FAQ?

You can contact us at our customer support email id, info@stumania.com or you can also call us at our respective numbers. We will be happy to hear from you.