PEC University of Technology

PEC University of Technology

PEC University of Technology (formerly Punjab Engineering College (PEC) having its roots in Lahore as Mugalpura Engineering College since 1921, moved to its present campus in 1953 as PEC affiliated to Panjab University. The institute became Deemed University in 2003 through a MHRD notification and rechristened as PEC University of Technology in 2009. It is a Grant-in-Aid institution under administration of Union Territory of Chandigarh, Government of India. The institute has a 146 acres spraw

  1. Bachelor of Technology in Aerospace Engineering4 year

  2. Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering4 Years

  3. Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering4 Years

  4. Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering4 Years

  5. Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Communication Engineering4 Years

  6. Bachelor of Technology in Materials & Metallurgical Engineering4 Years

  7. Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering4 Years

  8. Bachelor of Technology in Production and Industrial Engineering4 Years

  9. Master of Technology in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering)2 years

  10. Master of Technology in Civil Engineering (Transportation)2 years

  11. Master of Technology in Civil Engineering (Water Resources)2 years

  12. Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering2 years

  13. Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering (Information Security)2 years

  14. Master of Technology in Electrical Engineering2 years

  15. Master of Technology in Electronics (VLSI Design)2 years

  16. Master of Technology in Electronics Engineering2 years

  17. Master of Technology in Environmental Engineering2 years

  18. Master of Technology in Industrial Design2 years

  19. Master of Technology in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering2 years

  20. Master of Technology in Mechanical Engineering2 years

  21. Master of Technology in Production & Industrial Engineering2 years

  22. Master of Technology in Total Quality & Management (TQM)2 years

  23. Ph.D

  1. Library

    Central Library offers its services to about 3000 users comprising of undergraduate, postgraduate students and research scholars of different branches of Engineering, Faculty and Staff from various departments of the Institute and retired Faculty of the Institute. Library is housed in an area of 27000 sq. feet, having two interlinked buildings as Old Block and New Block. New Block is a spacious library extension block consisting of three separate floors with centrally air-conditioning facility. Library is organized into various sections viz. Circular Section, Periodical Section, Reference Section, Multimedia Section, Newspaper/ Magazine Section, Technical Section, Book Bank (General and book bank SC/ST), Binding Section, which are manned by professionally qualified staff. Library is member of INDEST-AICTE Consortium under the Ministry of HRD since 2003 and UGC-Infonet Consortium under INFLIBNET since 2011. However, based on the recommendation of an Expert Committee, the MHRD has formed e-ShodhSindhu merging three consortia initiatives, namely UGC-INFONET Digital Library Consortium, NLIST and INDEST-AICTE Consortium.

  2. Computer Centre

    Computer Centre is central place for campus-wide networking and Internet connectivity. Backbone connectivity initiates from this Centre and caters to more than 1000 nodes across the campus. Centre is equipped with Web Server, Academia Server, E- Mail Server, Security Wall, Bandwidth Management and Data Servers. The Computer centre has network infrastructure consisting routers,firewall,Unified threat management (UTM), manageable layer 2, layer 3 switches. Centre also houses cluster of Windows and Linux based servers for mailing ( and web application hosting. Fiber optic from local ISP terminates for Internet connectivity 32 Mbps (1:1) bandwidth and further emanates to the all departments/sections/hostels. The existing institute network has Fiber backbone whereby all departments/sections/hostels are connected with the computer centre. Computer centre provides computational facilities to all users in the Institute. Students, staff and faculty from all departments, sections and centres in the campus can obtain accounts to access internet and email services. Computer centre also provides various advanced and special purpose softwares for all the campus users. The centre remains open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm on weekdays and 9:00am to 5:00 pm on saturdays.

  3. Sports

    The Institute has several playgrounds and well-maintained athletic track to encourage the students to take part in different games such as Cricket, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis and Badminton.The Institute has also a Gymnasium-cum-Badminton Hall and a Swimming Pool Complex equipped with all modern facilities.

  4. Hostels

    The Dean Student Affairs (DSA) is the overall in charge of all students activities of the institution along with Associate Dean Student Affairs-I. Associate Dean Student Affairs-I is the In-charge of all hostels organizations. He/She is assisted by Chief Warden/Warden of each hostel, and students representatives of the hostels. The discipline in the individual hostels is looked after by the chief warden and wardens of the hostels. Hostel accommodation is provided to most of the students as per the availability of rooms in hostels.

  5. Medical Facility

    The institute has a dispensary on campus to meet the first aid and routine medical requirements of the students free of cost. In the dispensary, the consultation is also provided to the members of faculty and staff of the institute. A senior medical officer along with other supporting staff – pharmacist, nursing orderly and ward boy are there to attend the students, faculty and staff.

  6. Workshops

    The following workshops impart practical education to the students of the college: Automobile Shop, Carpentry Shop, Electrical Shop, Electroplating Shop, Fitting Shop, Foundry Shop, Machine Shop, Pattern Making Shop, Sheet Metal Shop, Smithy and Forging Shop, Welding Shop.